Our company has been at the forefront of large-format prototype manufacturing for over 20 years. In addition to traditional 5-axis machining, we have Hungary's first large-format 3D printer, providing a unique opportunity in additive manufacturing.

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3D printer


Size: 4850 x 2635 x 1460




Natural cellulose-based plastic.

Very printable, all-natural based plastic.

PP 50% GF

Polypropylene with 50% fiberglass.

An affordable and excellent chemical resistant raw material.

rPETG 30% GF

Recycled PETG with 30% fiberglass.

Recycled, affordable, well-suited for outdoor elements due to its UV resistance. Excellent adhesion to various coatings and adhesives.

PET 50% GF

ABS with 20% carbon fiber.

General purpose plastic with good mechanical properties. Excellent processability with a high degree of stability.

Modelling board

Epoxy based polyurethane.

Ideal for making master models and prototypes for small series.

PUR foam

Ideal for shaped forms or styling prototypes/models.



Additive manufacturing technologies are much faster, more accurate, and more cost effective than previous prototype production methods. The product selects the desired technology and materials; if necessary we work with polystyrene and polyurethane foam, modelling board, and MDF. Our goal however is to switch to the use of recyclable thermoplastic as much as possible.

One of the major benefits of additive manufacturing is that it minimizes waste by using only as much material as is needed for a given product. Any waste can be milled with a special grinder and reused in its original quality. In addition, our machines are currently being tested for materials made from milled PET bottles.




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"Robot Extruder offers low-investment alternative to explore composites additive manufacturing."

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